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Tips for Safe Waste Handling During a Pandemic

Tips for Safe Waste Handling During a Pandemic

Due to COVID-19, most Americans are spending more time at home. Many have had more time in their hands to practice hobbies such as cooking, baking, crafts, or even just taking the time to clean out their dirty attics and basements. By now, you may have noticed that the trash in your home has piled up.

During this critical time, it is important to follow proper waste management to ensure that everyone is safe and protected from the virus.

As a professional provider of Local Moving Services, we at Junk It in Arizona give our clients this list of safe waste handling tips to help improve their junk management.

  • Handle infectious waste with care.
  • Use single-use gloves to handle waste .
  • Tie trash bags securely.
  • Split and store trash in multiple bags to ensure it doesn’t spill.
  • Don’t place trash bags in unprotected receptacles.
  • Place trash only in trash bags, not reusable containers.

All these tips are meant to keep both you and our professionals handling Junk Removal, Mesa Arizona safe from infection. If you need help with large-scale cleaning like hoarder removal, give us a call.

We also provide reliable Furniture Removal in Arizona. If you ever need to get rid of old, busted furniture, you can contact us at 704-831-8770.

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