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Donate or Sell: Getting Rid of Your E-Waste

Donate or Sell: Getting Rid of Your E-Waste

Technology has provided us many useful devices. Electronic items certainly have made convenience and communication possible. But just like any other things, electronics and similar appliances do not last forever. Battery drain, malfunction, wear and tear, crash, or end-of-life causes make us say goodbye even to our most beloved gadget.

So, what happens when our device is no longer functioning the way we want them to work? Throwing them in the trash seems a normal option. Others toss them in the storage to keep indefinitely. But are these the best options?

E-waste disposal problems did not occur before our generation. With the many technology devices and their fast adaption, the volume of electronic wastes is also growing. Unfortunately, unlike the wastes we have generated in our history, electronic wastes pose a different level of risk that requires caution until disposal.

Instead of throwing away your electronics, you have other alternatives. You can donate these items to certain organizations. There are communities, groups, and stores willing to receive your used device. On another hand, your worn away gadget may still be of value to others. Selling your used or preloved electronics can help you gain a bit of return.

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